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17 minutes ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue

As if this weekend wasn't hectic enough, there always needs to have time made to rescue dogs.

Let me explain what took place this weekend, D.S. had some surgery a couple of weeks ago and needed to stay close to home for recheck appointments all the way until tomorrow.
Her house was loaded up and 98% of her things moved on Saturday. On Sunday morning she drove all the way back home to a house with a recliner and a toothbrush...literally.

On the way home she had to stop to pick up 2 mill dogs that we had agreed to take a few weeks ago. This mill owner is the same one that Loretta came from and they let us take retired dogs from them. They do spay and neuter before they leave and I would applaud them for that.

D.S. drove to get them and took them home to her empty house and cleaned them up. She will be driving back on Wednesday with these 2 along with all of her own dogs after her check up for the final time. Ricky will drive up in the dog bus and transport her dogs and cats for her as well as any belongings that need to come for the final time.

There is still lots of work to be done including building the yards for the temp home. We've got a team of volunteers coming out to help do that this evening.

Let me tell you about these two, the cream is a male and the pied is a female, all I know is they are 8 and 9 years old and have lived their whole lives as breeder stock.

D.S. is busy giving them love and comfort and we will meet them in a few days.

Welcome to Dog Ranch Rescue Bogie and Bacall
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This hell never ends 💔 Thank you, Ricky, thank you volunteers and thank you D.S. Special thanks to your recliner and toothbrush for getting you through last night 😊 Be safe

OmG just looking at these pix. Let's a person see what kind a life they've had

Sweet babies! Only up from here sweet ones!!

So happy they are coming to the ranch!

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