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2 hours ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch

I see you up there Ma'am, those bowls being rude? ... See MoreSee Less

I see you up there Maam, those bowls being rude?


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Not right now but I am keeping an ear on them and if they do they will pay and pay dearly --- I must protect the children we have visiting and living here !

Looks like she's just sitting there minding her business. Don't be a instigator Mama! 😂☺

She’s trying to blend in...nothing to see here 😂

No, but this hose needs some attention!😂🐶

Just keeping them in line, Momma!

Clearly protecting dogs from the bowl....

Boy howdy she’s gonna make sure those bowls are behaving 😂

...and that green water hose hanging there is probably gonna start talkin' smack...LOL!

What! Can't a girl just sit near a bowl without said bowl fearing for its life??❤️🐾

She knows your busy, so you won't be looking so closely! Smart girl that Ed is! Love her bunches!❤️

Teach those bowls a thing or two, Ma’am!

Who do I contact about taking in a pup? Short mugs referred me

Love her!

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