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2 hours ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch

Completely out of gas...

Goodnight everyone 💤
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Completely out of gas...

Goodnight everyone 💤


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Frenchies out of gas? That’s unheard of! Lol! #tootmachines

Some more of these little nuggets and a bear may need to move to the foot of the bed...and join Mama Pot Roast is limited for their humans, just saying.

Where do the parents sleep?! There is no sleep to be had in our bed with snoring, relaxed Frenchmen!

Pinkie: well put that camera down Mama and c'mon..patting the bed. Rest well all <3

Awe does Ma’am sleep between y’all? I thought that was Tater’s spot ❤️🤗

Have a good nights sleep. I know you are tired. Pleasant dreams and sleep tight.

Hey lady, runnin' this operation ain't easy we need our rest!! LOL

Pinkie says "Mama, what are you doing down there? Come up here and cuddle!"

Sleep well and hope for no big messes in the morning.

Do they sleep thru the night?

You know because of you and Lone Star Dog Ranch I am now a big frenchie fan..and the big red bears too

We're warming up the bed Mama. ❤❤❤

What sweet darlins. I have my own cat/dog posse to keep me warm lol.

Mama Peggy just wants you to turn off the lights and get in bed. 😂❤️

That's what heaven looks like ❤❤❤

Sweet Dreams All. Sending hugs and kisses!!

Goodnight sweethearts

Mighty Night. Sweet Dreams.


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