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There are times in our life where we get hit with things that we just don’t know what to do with, don’t know how to process it and the sadness is just more than you can take.

Today me and my family were hit with that news, when my friend of over 40 years Rochelle called me from California to tell me that our very good friend Megan Hampton that we have known for 4 decades had been murdered by her son who has struggled with mental illness for a very long time.

When you get hit with news like that you simply cannot process it and we are all here trying to do just that. It just isn’t a time that we can continue with a normal day on our Facebook page. Megan Hampton was just a lovely person who loved life, and loved her family and friends. She had a vitality and a zest for life that was contagious to be around. She lived in Laguna Beach overlooking the ocean in a very small community, was very active in her community and was well known and loved by so many friends and neighbors. I took Laura to California for her a birthday 3 years ago and we stayed with Megan in her home and it was just wonderful to spend time with her and share one good friend of mine with another.

Megan loved Dogue De Bordeaux’s and her and I always had Bordeaux’s who were sisters. My previous Bordeaux Eunice was sisters with her previous Bordeaux Bella. My Ethel was sisters with her Bordeaux Lilly. The Bordeaux that she has left behind was Brutie who I simply adored, he is 10 years old and sadly was a witness to this terrible event. Brutie came from the same breeder that I am going to fly to this weekend to pick up Bubbles, it’s a close knit thing and I just can’t stop thinking about all of the bears we have loved and enjoyed together.

There is no sense to be made of the senseless, and I am left broken, sad and unsure what to do with this, how to process it and can’t stop thinking of her happy face and smile. Her husband left us 6 years ago from cancer and that was devastating as well, and I try and take some solace in knowing that Megan and Wade are together again.

So many of Megans friends all follow our page, her neighbors in her community follow our page and it just feels wrong for me to post the “normal” dog stuff during this time. I have cried, and cried, and cried some more today and I know there is plenty more where that came from and I simply need time to get my head around this and posting to this page doesn’t feel right.

Megan I just want to talk to you for a minute, I loved you so much, I am so sorry to have lost you, I’m so sorry that although you were the best mom who was so dedicated and devoted to your only child to get him the help he needed this is how it ended. I just cannot believe it, but I hope you can rest in peace and know that you left a legacy of love behind you. Brutie is safe and in good hands with people who love him so please don’t worry.

I will see you again sometime in the future so please give Wade and my dad a kiss and rest now.

I am closing the page for a bit, I’m not sure when I can open it again but just know that I am trying very hard to find focus and move forward with the love and help from my friends and family. 💕
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I am just speechless and heartbroken over this tragic loss of your lovely friend Megan. May God bring you, your family, and her friends some comfort and eventual peace during this saddest of times. Please take time to grieve, remember, and then do with life as Megan would have wanted you to. You will be in my prayers and thoughts Renee.

Saying sorry for your loss just doesn’t seem to be enough… I’m so sorry that this tragedy has touched your life and all the lives that your friend Megan knew and loved. May God comfort you during this extremely difficult time.

I’m so very sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful friendship for so long and getting that kind of news is devastating and a shock. Praying for your family and friends that you find comfort in the memories of the joy you shared together. God needed that rose called Megan to complete his bouquet. Sleep well Megan. 🌹

We are so sorry for your tremendous loss of a very special person in your life, your family’s life, Megan’s family & friends. Will be keeping “all” in our thoughts & prayers. All of you are Loved & know this Village will always be here for you, when you need us. 💔💔💔. Paul & Karen

How tragic. Thoughts and prayers for you and her family. This happens much more than people realize. Even plain physical abuse and this awful event at the other end. I work with young children who have mental issues and other disabilities. I worry about how things will end up with some of these kiddos as they get older. Very sad I wish all involved to be able to find some peace in the future.

I am so very sorry for this tragic loss . Take your time , this is a tragic thing and we will be here when you return. Sending prayers of comfort to you and her family and friends. One day at a time is sometimes all we can do. Take your time. Everyone grieves in different ways and that is ok. I have had much grief in my life and I just do the best I can. Always try to think of the great memories that you shared and hold in your heart forever.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful, incredible friend. You're right, it's impossible to make sense out of the senseless. I hope and pray that in due time, you will be able to think of her with all of the happy memories that make you smile. A piece of your heart was shattered with this horrible news and it will take some time to even begin to heal. But, in the meantime, grieve as you need to, remember her with love, and be with your loved ones to help carry the pain. Much love to you and your family. 💔

I am so sorry for your loss Renee. In Judaism when someone passes away we say "May their memory be a blessing." So now Megan's memory is a blessing for you and your family.

I feel shattered for you. No words are able to convey a depth of sorrow I'm sure you are experiencing yet I am able to feel your loss through your post. Prayers for strength and healing coming your way.

I am so very very sorry. Words cannot convey how sorry I am for your loss. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. You are loved and I know this whole Village is here for you. 💜💜

Prayers for you and your family. What a senseless, tragic loss. I am terribly sorry that you lost your dear friend. May the memories of fun times spent with Megan bring you some comfort during this extremely difficult time.

I am so sorry for your loss of a good friend. I have gone through this myself, different circumstances, but the loss still hurts. Prayers for both you and her family.

I am Heartbroken for you and your family during this extremely difficult time.💔 Praying you can find some sense of peace as you travel through this chapter of your life~ God Bless and keep you close and comfort you in this time of need.

My deepest condolences to you and your family. I've gotten way too many of those calls. Two months ago a girl I had known from the time we were 4 that was also my senior prom date died for no discernable reason.

You are so brave to share your life with all of us. Please take time to grieve and heal. We will all be sharing your pain and loving on you and your family.

There are no words to make sense of this or to make it any better. It’s almost unimaginable! I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend. It’s clear that she was loved by many, but her love for her son could not extinguish his demons. I pray that you will somehow find peace knowing that she no longer has to carry the burden of his mental illness, and that she can rejoice with the loved ones who proceeded her in Heaven. Sending your family lots of love and prayers.

There are no words -- none -- that can ease your pain and suffering today. The only solace is in the Dogue. Embrace your memories and, while they will hurt now to remember, they will comfort you in the coming days -- of that I am sure. Sorrow is grounded in love. The deeper the love, the deeper the sorrow. If the Village can do absolutely anything -- donate in her memory for a special fund or otherwise -- will you please ask us?

Renee, condolences for the loss of your dear friend. These are the type of events that will never make sense in our head or heart. May God grant you, your family and her family comfort as you travel this road of grief.

Oh Eden family, Renee, how devastating! I am so sorry your friend, Megan, lost her life and how. I’m sorry Brutie was a witness. However, I know the heart and the resiliency your family has. You take the worst of the worst situations and make them shine again. We support you, we’ll wait for you to return to the page, we embrace you in comfort and most of all, we love you. Super duper hugs and love, take your time to grieve. ♥️

No words can express the sorrow for this news. I am so sorry for your friend Megan’s family, for you and the rest of her dear friends. I am just so saddened and sorry for her sweet dog who had to witness this horrific ending. May God bless you all and to you Brutie. May your dear friend RIP. Fly with the Angels. 😢❤️🙏

I was heartbroken when I heard this story on the news, I live in So. Cali. Now my heart is broken as she was your life long friend. Sending much love and Prayers to all 💔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤

It just doesn’t get anymore horrible then that! My heart is breaking for you and your family and friends who just lost this beautiful soul. My prayers for everyone involved.

I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. This is such a tragic and sad situation. You, your family and your friend's family including Brutus, and especially her son are in my prayers.

I am praying for you and your family and for all who knew Megan. I pray that when the time is right, your memories of her will bring you smiles and laughter. I'm so very sorry.

How sad.Prayers for you and her family and Brutie who witnessed it. Maybe in time you could plant something in the memory garden.You take all the time you need.

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