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I'm not sure there is any space left🤔🤔

Good night everyone 😴
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Im not sure there is any space left🤔🤔

Good night everyone 😴


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There is a spot right in the middle for sweet Honeycomb!

Don't be trying to talk yourself out of it. There is room, I can see a spot all the way from California. You know Renee, Mooie Marie is guiding you. #honeycomb

No I need 10 day's and a pink collar we have bets lol

Soooo you just add another twin mattress to the foot of the bed... problem solved! Now go pick out her collar!

She’s only 14 lbs, there’s PLENTY room there for that little Honey 🐾♥️🐾

If we are placing bets - I'm going with by tomorrow noon. she just took a picture showing the world an awesome spot left right between the points of that star. the collar has to be thought out (I bet she already has somewhere amongst all that denial) and carefully honed, So it may already have been ordered.

Looks like the donations are adding up and the bed is getting full (but still room for one more). I don't want to get into any trouble so will just say my usual Good Night everybody. Sleep Tight and pleasant dreams from Portland, Oregon.🙏💓😴😴😴.

I see a space, Honeycomb is a little one she'll fit there just fine!!!

There’s plenty of room for a tiny Honeycomb! There’s always space at the Eden Inn.

Always room for one more.

Honeycomb is just a little thing. She won’t take up much room.

Always Room for one more tiny girl. Nighty night...

I see several places where a little thing like Honey would fit.

There’s always room for one more baby, even if they have 4 paws 🐾🐾!!!

Oh, you can always add on twin beds to the one side. Or, the village needs to petition the NBA to provide a basketball player size bed.

Pfft. I see room for more than one haha!

Honey bunny will keep your toes warm right in the middle there!

The kids have arranged themselves so they can show you how much room is available. See mom we can get a few more.

I just get the impression that the humans sleep on air mattresses on the floor ! lol

Again, this is what I think heaven looks like. Sweet dreams to the special Lone Stars, their mama, daddy, uncles and aunts who make it all work. And to those not related: Well, Thank You so much. Heroes with big capes, whether the be visible or not. LOVE you all!

There will be time to add another twin bed ...everyone has to have space to sleep and everyone has the right to sleep with Mom and Pop humans.

Oh I see a space for a tiny little honey comb!❤❤❤

looks like it is time to swap the twin extension for a king or queen extension---- but there's still room this way tooooooooo

There’s always room for a cute Honey!!

The more, the merrier 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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