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4 hours ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch

Snuggles available take your pick, Baby Girl or Ma’am?
You can only pick one...

Sweet dreams everyone 😴🌝
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Snuggles available take your pick, Baby Girl or Ma’am? 
You can only pick one... 

Sweet dreams everyone 😴🌝


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The heck with your "conditions", I'm sneaking right in between those girls and we're making a cuddle sandwich. :)

Well Baby Girl is super adorable and very tempting, but my <3 belongs to that sweet, innocent angel Ed 🤣💖😍😊 Edited to add: I've found the loophole: just smoosh down right next to Ed, and voila! who is right there on the other side? Baby Girl. Problem solved.

Wait, what do you mean, we have to pick one! You snuggle with a gazillion every night.

I'll take the one dreaming of harassing bowls, buckets, and such things.

Since I’m odd too I’ll hang and snuggle with Ma’am! 😂🗑

I spy a spot right in the middle of those two gorgeous girls and I call “dibs” on it❣️❤️🐾

Tough choice.... both snore like a train is coming through. 💙

Sorry can't pick just one, we want them both 😊❤️😀

1/2 the day with one the other 1/2. With the other.

Right smack in the middle, that way I only picked one on the right side and one on the left side, problem solved.

Ya can’t have just 1...i would have to squeeze right on the middle. ❤️❤️

I want to snuggle both! Love 'Ma'am' to pieces however!

Awwww I want to be right in the middle❤️❤️

I'm not good at following rules. Both are my pick.

I take the middle and they can snuggle me.

I just think about rolling over half asleep and encountering those upside down jowls.

They are both adorable but I think I would pick baby girl… A little closer to the size I’m used to with my giant boxer boy. ❤️. Plus it looks like she needs a chest/tummy rub…

I get to snuggle with a tiny bulldog here every night, and I adore Ed but I love red bears since I don’t have one. I would say Baby Girl is irresistible.

I love me some ma’am!!!! But alas I have 3 crazy English to snuggle everyday... I’m going for baby girl! I am in love with her breed and will take any chance to snuggle that! Plus she sleeps ala-dead cockaroach like my sweet old man Chewbacca Bear!!! ❤️💙

So hard! I love bulldog snuggles and Ed reminds me of my first bulldog but baby girl and that smoosh face. I would want to give her kisses

I just love that Baby Girl is so comfortable sleeping on her back. And I bet Ma'am is snoring up a storm. They are both snuggable love bugs.

I'll take one of each.They sure are ready for that bed. Good night everyone. Pleasant dreams.

I can't, I can't and you can't make me!!😁😁😁

Awww....can't pick just one. These aren't Lays Potato Chips.....I need both Snuggle Bunnies ❤❤❤

Only one? Gee, you sure make it hard to decide! How about Baby Girl for the first hour, then Ma'am!

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