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37 minutes ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch

You coming to bed to hold us Mama ?


Good night everyone !!
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You coming to bed to hold us Mama ? 


Good night everyone !!

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Who else is on the bed? Olivia and Georgia?

Why is baby Pinkie so big?! 😩

Oh I love! Pinkies beautiful baby innocent eyes and Ed's smile! And Tater is already curled up and sound asleep on Mama's pillow!!! Good night sweet angels!

All sooo cute but the big question is how do you have any room or get any sleep!? My Nelly snores like a freight train I'm sure there is some very serious snorers in that crowd

Tater on the pillows in the background!😝

I can feel the love all the way up in Michigan! Sleep tight everyone!

No better way to end the day 🐶❤️

Love, love those babies!

I have two waiting for me .., love those babies 💋🐶‼️

I think with Mama's hurt foot y'all need to give her holdy!

That's a good one.sweet loves

Ed says "can you bring a bucket to bed, please?"

I'd be hard pressed to ever get out of that bed every morning. My idea of heaven on earth

D'ohhhh! <3 Look at the sweet pile of puppy love! <3 Lucky!

How are you not crushed under the weight of ALL THAT CUTENESS? 😍

Night night, love those sweet faces!

Do they sleep in the same positions every night or do they rotate on who gets to sleep closest to mama?

Goodnight one and all. Sweet dreams and rest well.

Look at them. What a bunch of bed partners. That must be wild.

Hold all those babies tight

Good night sweet babies. Hugs to all.

Sweet!! And they all fit.

Look at all those sweet faces!❤️❤️❤️

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