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2 hours ago

Lone Star Dog Ranch

Are you all ready for bed Ma’am?

Okay, say goodnight then 💤
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Are you all ready for bed Ma’am?

Okay, say goodnight then 💤


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Awww it was a rough day keeping those buckets in line mama... I’m tired

I don't think I have ever seen your bed with just one of your babies in it. Ma'am must be cold and tired <3 <3😴🐾💕

Yes I am! Every body hop in! <3

This is my spot - you can’t sit here

Night night Ed. You must have had a very busy day to be the first to turn in. 💤💤💤❤💤❤

Ed! You are such a DELIGHT! That is right, you take over the bed! I am going to send you a bucket pillow! Be on the lookout for it! You, wirlwind!🌪

Ma’am, where are all your brothers and sisters?

I might be. Ain’t sayin yes...ain’t sayin no, jus maybe!

Goodnight Ed!! Sweet bully dreams of buckets and bowls. ❤️🐾🐾❤️

I was wondering does Ed like to cuttle? I would love to old her.

Looks like a good snuggler to me.

She's a hard-working girl and she needs her rest!

Oh Ed! Great you’re in the big bed!! But where’s the Queen and Tater??

G'night Ed ~ you sweet little feisty ball of fire! <3

*Hipchecks Renee* and dives into bed to snuggle with Ed 😂

Night Ed 😙😙

Night Ed!

Good night 💤 sweet angel... 💋💋🐶

Precious. 😍

I hope he is not just showing the pillows who's boss. My Vinny does that to me whenever I am not watching!

Sweet dreams, Ma’am!

I can see who rules the roost.


Sweet dreams!

Oh my gosh. Where is everybody?

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