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Ethel is having a day off, don’t judge her 😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Ethel is having a day off, don’t judge her 😜


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Anybody remember the song "The Streak" and the line about Ethel needing to put her clothes on? That just popped into my head for some strange, unknown reason!!

A sweet belly just waiting for a rub!!!

Where is her apple green blanket? Maybe she would appreciate some cover? lo.

I'm about to join Ethel....she looks so comfy 💖🐾💕

Oh Ethel, that is sooo unladylike

More abuse and neglect over here.....Ethel needs a pillow!!!! lol!

Letting it all hang out!

I’m coming to nap with Ethel!!!

Hardly enough leather places to lay on????

Ethel is making great use of her day off.

They all seem to like the leather chairs/couches! Lol

Tart! Lol!!!

Sweet girl....looks comfy ❤

a girls gotta have her beauty rest :)

at least she is comfy!!!

No judgement at all!

Want to rub that belly though!

Sometimes I do the same Ethel!❤️❤️

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